The Paul Robeson House and Museum hosts tours, art shows, organizational meetings, cultural events and many other activities. In a special arrangement, the Paul Robeson Chess Club calls us its home. Here are some ways we get involved in the community:


“West Philly Porchfest”: An African-inspired musical group plays as a young boy dances at this year’s porchfest. The Paul Robeson House and Museum has participated in this free musical festival since its founding two years ago.



Another group of performers at the West Philly Porchfest.



Guests: Pianist Maria del Pico Taylor, professor of piano at Temple University in Philadelphia, came at our request to play the piano in the house. She was joined by Steve Kramer, an award-winning cellist, for an impromptu concert.



Chess club: Some members of the Paul Robeson Chess Club proudly display their awards. Trophies won by club members in the past sit atop the mirrored fireplace mantle at the house.


Tours: High school students visit often to learn about Paul Robeson.